Comprehensive Plumbing 600

Six Hundred (600) Clock-Hour Vocational Programs (Accredited)
Comprehensive Plumbing Program

Berk Trade and Business School’s Comprehensive Plumbing Program prepares students to work in all phases of the plumbing field. Students gain the skills to perform plumbing tasks that include repairs and remodels, as well as new construction in the commercial or residential industry.
Scholastic Overview
The Comprehensive Plumbing Program is a 30-week all-inclusive program that prepares a student to enter the plumbing field by familiarizing students with the principles of the residential and commercial plumbing trade. During each section of instruction, the students receive the necessary classroom and lab instruction pertaining to the subject that is being taught. After students have obtained the necessary math skills and basic theory, they will design and install various plumbing applications in appropriate settings.
Experienced instructors teach students how to layout, measure, install and connect various types of pipes and fittings, boilers, water heaters and heating systems, . Students also learn to read blueprints and commercial drawings and use various plumbing tools. The program provides all the basic principles and working concepts along with practical hands-on training. Strong technical understanding, reasoning ability and problem-solving skills are essential attributes of a successful plumber.
Graduates of this program are qualified as entry-level Plumber Apprentices who may work in residential, commercial, industrial maintenance and repair settings under the supervision of a licensed plumber.


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Comprehensive Plumbing
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